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SSMS Sync is an add-in for SQL Server Management Studio. The add-in provides you with the capability to have the SQL Scripts across systems. SSMS Sync provides the following features:

  1. Add Text To OneNote - Sends  the text of the currently active window to OneNote.
  2. Selected Text To OneNote – Send the selected text from the currently active window to OneNote.
  3. Attach To OneNote – Attaches the content of currently active window to OneNote as a file(.sql).
  4. Send Via Email – Composes an Email with the content of currently active window.
  5. Send To OneDrive – Saves the content of the currently active window to OneDrive.
  6. Open From OneDrive – Directly open the file from OneDrive, work on it and save it back on OneDrive.

You can find a demo here. 


SQL Server Management Studio 2012 or 2014 or SQL 2016




OneDrive Login


Query saved to OneDrive using SSMS Sync


Query attached when “Send Via Email” is clicked.


Known Issues :

  1. Every time you restart the management studio, you will be prompted for OneDrive permissions.
  2. If the SSMS were to crash unexpectedly, on the next run the addin would not load and you would see the following error: 


Just click on “No” and restart the SSMS. The addin would load fine now.

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